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2005-01-25 - 10:08 a.m.

Two shows two wonderful shows these past few days.
Last night I played with Baby Dee. She gave up playing shows when her dad got real sick and began a tree-pruning business in Cleveland. A branch fell on a house damaging the roof and her business folded. And her dad passed away.
So, now, she is forced in a way to play shows for money. I worked her merch table and she sold a lot of cd's. So, hopefully, that will help.
Dee's accordion instrumentals are short and beautiful. I'd love to play like that.
Some other folks and I covered some of Dee's songs. One was this girl named Shara. I didn't think it was the Shara I knew. But it was. Holy shit was she awesome. She's like a girl Jeff Buckley. Badd asss. I used to play shows with her in Denton a long, long time ago. It was really good seeing her and her husband. Good times at
A bunch of my Bindlestiff friends were there. And Moonshine and Scotty and Angelo and Steph and Magic and Chris Brodeur, who is running for mayor this year:
Friday night I played with Ben Ickies' Ambitious Orchestra. It was also a good night. Although I stressed the whole day trying to learn the accordion part to Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Ben's song.
But as I learned in high school band if you can't play the part drop out and I did when the troublesome part came in. Playing classical in front of people stresses the shit out of me. I can do it in my room by myself but once I mess up in front of people it just snowballs and that cake should just be thrown out. It's burned.
When showtime came it was fine. I dropped out without worry, came back in and was fine. Muzio Clemente, I think, said that as long as the beginning and ending are awesome the middle can be imperfect. I guess.
I nailed Ben's song.
Ben couldn't be at his own show because he got a chance to perform with the Miami Philharmonic. So, I took his place and Julz, another accordion player, took to conducting.
.357 Lover did Maybe Tonight with the orchestra and I did You finally got your song with them.
Then me and my lady and Sammy and Rach went and spent quality time at the bar.



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