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2005-01-21 - 11:33 a.m.

New York-Anti-Corn Mo demonstrators waving signs that said "Worst Copier Maintenance Job Ever" and "the Companies Nightmare" jeered the singer’s walk into work during the Feels-Like-Friday Thursday.
“It’s ‘company’s nightmare’,” Mo stated. “With an apostrophe “s”. And nobody ever died over a paper jam. At least under my watch.”
Three blocks from his work, protesters tried to rush a Gray’s Papaya as an egg and cheese on a bagel was burned on the bottom. “They’re usually good here but I guess since it’s so cold, everyone wants an egg and cheese, so the probability of a burned one is high.”
Annie Katz, 52, of New York, was at the rear of a group of protesters, but she said the experience was worth it despite the burnt smell.
Katz said she was upset by Mo’s return after his precious tour, but "I'm angrier this time, since I'm angry about the empty 2 tray on the Xerox."
Some rallying against Mo’s work carried coffeemug-like coffee mugs to symbolize they liked coffee made before arriving to work.
Jacob Fear of 11th floor accounting said four women who were protesting the wearing of furs were arrested after they disrobed in the near-freezing temperatures. That rumor was later found to be porn left on someone’s screen.
“This is what makes America great. It's a little disrespectful, but it's their right to protest," said Daniels J. Jones, who works on the 9th floor in web content.
Eight employees lay down in the break room pretending to be dead, with 11th floor donuts strewn over their bodies. Mo stepped over them to make coffee. There was one boston crème left which he took back to his desk and enjoyed, allowing him to forget anything negative was going on.



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