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2005-01-11 - 1:56 p.m.

I get emails for shows all the time. And I try to make them. And sometimes its cold outside and my stomach hurts from not cooking my food well enough. Or some other reason. That would be a reason not to go out.
But when someone calls me and invites me to a show it's hard not to go. They took time to make sure I knew they had a show and asked me to please come. I can't let a friend down.
I made lobster ravioli for dinner and I think I messed up the sauce because my stomach hurt really bad not too soon after I ate.
I was given a PS2 and it can suck your life. I can leave it alone and not want to play but I had a hankering for an RPG so I found Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick.
The game itself is okay but the cool part is Bruce Campbell's voice. I love that guy.
Anyway, I was waiting for a friend to come by and get his beer keg from my house and in the meantime, I was trying to destroy Nathanial Payne with a shovel.
After the keg was gone my stomach felt better so I hiked to the show.
Miss Saturn was celebrating her birthday by hula-hooping in her birthday suit. I missed that part but hey, it's alright.
I've never seen Galapagos so crowded. Travis, who works there, bought me a beer. And we watched best we could from the back.
Tanya, Miss Saturn, Kalki, and some dude, and some other lady did their hoops. The dude was awesome. They were all fantastic. Kalki and I shared a trailer with my girlfriend when we were in Circus Boreal in Alaska. She's really good.
There was a handful of older gentlemen with cameras in the front. One guy had his digital that he would post on Saturn's site, the other fellow had a conventional camera, and the third man had a 3-D camera. Magic Brian tells me that these guys go to all the burlesque shows. He brought his slides and the view-master-like viewer to show others. Good times.
Me and Noah and Magic got pizza at Ana Marie's. That's good pizza. And I walked home and played Bruce Campbell until 3.
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