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2005-01-07 - 5:10 p.m.

I said that this lady was probably from Plano but I wish and hope that she's from Denton. My friend pointed out that Denton doesn't have that kind of money. I never had money in Denton but I know there were people who did because I
a)delivered pizza to them
b)almost built a brick house for 2 cats that would have access to the main house.
I shit you not.
I thought about this guy today that I'd met a while back who has since passed away. His name was Terry and he built this tape recorder that recorded at different speeds. He hooked up different parts of stereos together and demonstrated for some friends on camera how it worked by picking up a cat and picking at its underside until it meowed a discontented noise to stop. He would play this back at a slower speed immediately. His stereo was placed on the front lawn and there were cats everywhere. I think they belonged to a girlfriend of his who was a wiccan who liked cats.
I don't think this lady would have a cat cloned but I hope that her and Terry's relationship was an influential forebear in some way.
I'm kidding. I don't.



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