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2005-01-07 - 2:03 p.m.

The receptionist I work with is taking off next week to lay down some tracks. He raps. His name is BRock. You can pronounce it either way. I hope he goes far. He's real nice.
He told me his producer told him to rhyme about escalades and shit he can't afford. Now he's told to rhyme about the ghetto.
He had a rhyming dictionary up on his computer.
"things that rhyme with -ain"
"Castles of Spain"
"woodworking plane"
I really hope he uses one of those two options that are really on this site.
I helped him a little and got him going. He got really excited. He told me what he was going to write about and I told him he was already writing it as I repeated it back to him. Write it down.
Oh, and fuck escalades. I was trying to get a rental out of Nashville during Christmas and there was only one car available in the city.
"I can go down to $80 a day for you on an escalade."
I don't know. Maybe an Escalade is a good ride. But I've driven enough to feel more comfortable in a shitty 89 Nissan because I know I won't worry about the scratches that will come from the Kroger parking lot. Not that I drive anymore or go to Kroger.
My friend, Fishboy, makes sure you know it's Kroger and not Krogers. Internets. Walmarts. Dinners. You only eat one dinner a day unless it's prepackaged as in "I ate five Hungry Man dinners." Or you're a Hobbit. If you're a lion and you eat two elks it's still called dinner.
"I'm going back for seconds." I say this alot because I do it alot. "I'm going back for a second helping of a Golden Corral dinner because I want my money's worth."
You shouldn't eat buffet on the road because it's uncool to yourself and those around you. Unless you get your own hotel room within the hour. I miss the road.



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