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2005-01-07 - 1:51 p.m.

Dammint. I just had a M-azing bar from the snack machine. I did really well yesterday by eating well but sucked today by getting a hot dog lunch and a poor candy chaser. I'm turning into a shit machine. And my gym just upped their rates. I hope nobody goes there so they'll go back down on their price.
You know what sucks about a 65 cent candy bar? Is that the level of joy is lower than the level of reprisal. My desk faces the damn machine. I'll prove it. From left to right:
sun chips(french onion)
dipsy doodles
chex mix
wheat thins
snyders pretzels
fantasy mix
welch's fruit shits
some cookie
trail mix (i guess that's okay)
nutter butter
kit kat 3 musketeers
almond joy
granola bar
more kit kat
fuck it goes on to donuts and pop tarts.
Man, if anyone lives in NYC and wants to start a soccer team, let me know. Because fat soccer players either die or get thin. I have a Leeds shirt I can wear and that will inspire me to win.
My brain's getting smaller because of this. I can't make up cool shit right now because I'm idle. Fuck candy. You want to see me throw away a box of Oreos? Go buy me a box and I'll do it. I swear I will. Just don't look at me as I dig through the trash later.



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