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2005-01-07 - 2:47 p.m.

Me and Louis and Bobbi went to the Museum of Television and Radio yesterday. We were researching for a Polyphonic tv show. So, I went to IMDB and looked up a bunch of tv shows that I'd remembered and some I didn't and looked up important guest stars on those shows (Tiny Tim, Kiss, Paul Williams) to get the right episodes:
When Things were Rotten episode #1.3
The Cop and the Kid episode #1
Monster Squad (1976)episode #1
Tony Orlando and Dawn episode #3.1
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)
Love American Style episode #2.18c
Make Your Own Kind of Music 1971
Johnny Cash and Friends 1976
The Bay City Rollers Show 1978
Of these they had the Paul Lynde show and Johnny Cash and Friends.

I also had this list:
Brady Bunch Variety Hour
Harlem Globetrotters Cartoon
HR Puffinstuff
John Denver Variety Hour
Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour
Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
Ark II
Greatest American Hero
Cop Rock
Hardy Boys (episode #2.1 and 2.2 with guest star Paul
Highway to Heaven
Donnie and Marie
Hee Haw
Sonny and Cher show
Bigfoot and Wildboy
The Kroft Supershow
The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour
No Hardy Boys. One Donnie and Marie.
I was real dissappointed. I guess I expected them to have everything.
The staff was excellent. One guy, who looked like Stephen Colbert, was looking up shows on his computer (because his was better than the Apple 2c I was using). And the guy sitting next to him knew what they had without looking.
"No, that's Shazaam the cartoon. He's looking for the live-action one. And no Isis and no Ark II."
And then he said,
"I think you can get those on dvd."
But that's why I'm here at what I thought was the TV's supercomputer.
He was good, though.
We watched Paul Lynde and Hee Haw and some Carpenters. It's hard to watch tv in such a setting. There's no couch and you can't go get a beverage. Very library. But it was nice to see Paul Lynde and Tim Conway together do some funny.



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