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2005-01-07 - 9:43 a.m.

I had a good Christmas. I still have my parents and a grandmother so I'm grateful.
My flight got into Nashville fine but I-24 was closed. So, I was stuck in Nashville. The good thing was that my friend, Janet, was in Nashville staying at her mom's. So, I had a ride and a place to stay.
Her mom is really, really nice. I think she was a beauty queen at one time. When she picked me up she asked if I was hungry.
"Do you eat meat?"
She asked this because Janet doesn't eat any meat except fish. And by the way, this makes you a fisheater not a vegetarian. I dated a vegetarian whose dad got really excited when he found out I ate meat. Such joy is found in a meat-eating buddy.
"I guess we can just stop at a fast-food place and I can pick something up."
And then she started dialing the cel-phone.
"You like steak?"
"Hi, I'd like to order a . . ."
And she got me a steak at Outback.
We got to the house and Janet was laid up due to a broken ankle. She was doing video work for Cradle of Filth in Canada and broke her ankle. I like Cradle of Filth.
There were plenty of Michelob Ultra's in the fridge and they went into my belly with the delicious steak. I crave meat and beer alot. I tried to be vegan for 12 days and I felt great but fell on the 11th day to a free dinner of Steve's BBQ and Schlitz.
I was at Janet's from Wednesday through Christmas morning. I felt like a Dicken's character- a poor lad sitting with a rich invalid girl, drinking beer, watching movies.
Her mom made a big Christmas dinner with Turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing. Stove Top is good. It hasn't changed.
On Christmas day, Janet's stepbrother, Jason, drove me to Clarksville where my folks met me to drive the rest of the way. The road from Clarksville to Cadiz was still shitty but not as bad.
The next day my brother's family came and spent the rest of my time playing with a 2 year old and a 4 year old who love their Uncle Jon.



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