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2004-12-23 - 10:28 a.m.

This lady didn't want her town named but everyone knows she lives in Plano. Everything that happens happens in Plano. It could have been Garland, the town that King of the Hill is based on, but there's not enough new money in Garland. It could have been Las Colinas, the home of Office Space, but those young urban professionals are spending money on big time dinners at Macaroni Grill because it's good dinner.
So, I'm putting my money on Plano. So if she is from Plano then I want my $100 reward that I will use to go eat at Kathy's Wok in Plano. That's some good Chinese.
Now here's my play with the names changed.
DANA: I thought Skrips was dead.
JOE: He is dead. This is a clone of your dead cat.
DANA: Why would I want that? Skrips used to pee in the crib of my baby, Casper.
JOE: You don't have a baby.
DANA: Yes I do. There he is. C'mer Casper.
JOE: Oh, a baby dog.
DANA: He's not a baby, are you Casps? You're a young man.
JOE: He's a shitzu.
DANA: Don't use language like that around my baby. I'm sorry. Young man.
JOE: Anyway, you owe us $50,000 for cloning your cat.
DANA: I said, "Cologne-ing my cat". He was stinking up the house with his decomposing.
JOE: Well,
DANA: You could have gotten Halston or Drakkar or even Blues Lady and sprayed it on Drips.
JOE: Drips?
DANA: I mean Skrips. Listen, here's $5. My husband owns 5 Domino's Pizzas. He can get you discounts.
JOE: I'm dialing my lawyer.
DANA: (looking over his shoulder) I was just seeing if you were dialing a 1-800 number to see if I really need to call mine.
JOE: No, it's the company's lawyer.
DANA: Okay, well let me call mine.
DANA: You sound just like Skrips. Can you dance? You wanna dance.
(Skrips stands on 2 legs).
JOE: So, you understand how important this is? I could have cured cancer but your kitty paid more.
DANA: Well, I have $45,000 in my purse. Oh, wait that's chocolate. You want some silver bells, Caspar?
JOE: You shouldn't give him chocolate.
DANA: Uh huh.
JOE: My lawyer is on the phone. He needs to make sure that you have held the cat.
DANA: Of course I have.
JOE (on phone): Yes she has. Okay I will tell her.
DANA: Tell me what?
JOE: I got to get them silver bells chocolates and the rest of the money in your purse and a couple of ones to make change with the guy who is going to get some Axe Effect to spray on your old Skrips.
DANA: I need the phone. (On phone) Yes I'd like to order two Monsterganzas with everything. No, this is Dana. I need Joey to drive them here. Okay.
(to Joe) We got pizza coming.



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