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2004-12-07 - 2:36 p.m.

I went to see Rufus Wainwright at Barnes N' Nobles today. My friend, Jason, wears a knee brace so we took a cab from work. We got there in time to hear his last song due to traffic. It was a real good song. That guy is real good.
It was rainy so we walked-he wanted to walk- to Jonny's Diner on 25th. It was good rainy day food. I got the Sloppy Jonny-chicken, bacon, cheese, coleslaw on a hero. That guy, Johnny, is a good guy, too.
I took Rufus Wainwright's old manager to Jonny's Diner once. He wanted to sign me onto his management. He enjoyed Jonny's and appreciated that I was a cheap date. After our lunch meeting he concluded that I had lost momentum after MTV and Rolling Stone and The New York Press. That's cool. At least I got a free Sloppy Jonny. And anyway, I'm a fuckin' Cheerio that's been to the bottom of the bowl many times. I'm just gonna come right back up again. And it's gonna be delicious. Like Frosted Cheerios.
The office Christmas party is tommorrow night. I've played at two of them. The last one I played at I was on fire and played one of the best sets of my life. I was banned from playing any more office parties. It makes coworkers sad that I don't play these open bar workplaces. They should come see me after work.



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