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2004-12-06 - 6:08 p.m.

I played 2 shows Friday night. I accidentally had 2 booked. The first one was at the Balazo Gallery in San Francisco and the second one was down the street at the Odeon Bar.
The first one was booked by my friend, Clitty. That's his name. He used to come to my Wednesday night weekly shows in Dallas that were usually bare of anyone. He's a good guy.
It's a nice place with a bad sound system. It worked good enough. I liked those people that came. I liked them alot. Clitty's band played and rocked me hard. Their singer looked like a lady, like one of the Bangkok Ladyboys. His mike went out and he shouted in everyone's ear, one at a time. They're called Triple Cobra. You should see them.
I finally met Chicken John. He used to do circus stuff with the Bindlestiffs I think. His bar is nice. I went on after some belly dancers. They were pretty. I finally went on at 1. There was a guy, about 50 something, going behind the bar and serving himself. He talked loud to people and was the bar's darling. That guy went nuts over me. He is me in 20 years. I think his name was Flash.



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