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2004-12-02 - 6:12 p.m.

I played a birthday last night at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. It was all secret and shit. These folks brought me and I hid in this hallway so as not to blow the surprise for this nice girl, Alysha, and her 30th birthday.
It's a nice room, the Hotel Utah. It's got an upright on stage and the room is very intimate. Some shows go perfect and that one did for me. I'm always apprehensive to play parties because they are parties and not shows but that was a wonderful show.
I played a 4-year-old's birthday a long time ago and it sucked. It was my bosses' kid and he and his wife were real nice but it sucks playing to tiny children running around. This was nothing like that.
I kept the songs to the fun ones since it was a happy time. I'm enjoying playing piano at shows now. The last show I did I covered a Garth Brooks cover of a Billy Joel song on the piano.
The hosts of this party were very gracious and accomodating. I couldn't have had a better night.



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