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2004-11-16 - 12:49 p.m.

I played a show with my Common Rotation friends last Friday. They're a swell bunch. The tops. It was at the Bitter End. I like the place but the actual room setup is hard for me. It's got audiences on the sides as well as the front so you can't look at everyone at once. They do have a grand piano and I took advantage of it. They played a great set and put the full band on. Some girl had a birthday and she and her friends gave me a plate of wonderfully small baked pastries. And when I got settled after my set, Mr. 102-TMBG-Shows(aka TDK, aka Mike) gave me a bag of Hershey Minatures. He's a real good guy. They were soon gone but not because of me but because my girlfriend was helping me watch my weight. It's good because I've been running again.
I'm working on a new Queen cover. I'm also working on songs for the Circus show. I was gonna play one of the new ones that night but didn't feel it was ready. My piano is bad ass.



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