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2004-10-28 - 10:42 a.m.

I brought my lunch to work today. I didn't make it cause I didn't have time but I bought a sandwich real cheap from the bakery by my house. I spent almost $20 for a burger lunch yesterday. That's bullshit. I shouldn't be eating that anyway. I did have a salad but still. And they charged for an extra coke. This is at a pub. Irish pubs in NY serve old-timey poor people food at a rich people price. I guess if you have money then you don't mind buying an $8 BLT or a $9 salad or $13 fish and chips or a $15 corned beef and cabbage. If you want that and you're a bit low on cash go to McSorley's. On a weekday. Because it's too crowded on the weekend.
We had band practice last night and I had time to kill in the city and Sammy calls "Hey, come hang out here before we practice."
"The Triple Crown."
"Wow. I just ate lunch there."
My boss calls it Horsies.



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