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2004-10-27 - 2:22 a.m.

I hadn't hung out with my friend Janet in a while so we went to the Alligator Lounge. This place is awesome because it isn't crowded and you get a free pizza with your beer. I'm not talking frozen bar pizza either. I'm a talkin' about brick oven pizza. I had free pizza. The bar is a pizza party every day. I had my own pizza party. For free.
There's another place down the street that had karaoke. And the place shouldn't be called Sweet Ups. It should be called Good Times All Around. Except for this fellow sitting next to me.
"Excuse me, I'm European. Are all Americans this stupid?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean are they this stupid?"
Do I look French to you? Why are you asking me this?
"You mean singing karaoke and having a good time? Yeah!"
And then I turned my back on him.
I think he wanted me to punch him. Who's stupid enough to come up with this question? You have good time at the karaoke, erego you dumb.
Really, I think he wanted a fight. And I don't think he was really European. And I think he knew I was bigger than him. So, I let him be alone. I'm not into that. I wanted him to hear my Garth Brooks song. Who's stupid now?



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