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2004-10-26 - 9:37 a.m.

I played at Magic Brian's show the other night. It was me, Chris Rozzi, Magic Brian and Silvia Machete. I like doing this show. It's fun and I'm with friends. I was doing a character named Dr. Wankle, a time-travel scientist, who helps the Randy Brothers find a way to go back in time. I sucked. I was ready and then when the show started it felt like someone took a spiritual shit somewhere and I was lost.
And then I played my set. I've gotten better at ignoring foreign sounds during shows but that night I was terrible. There was some incessant conversation going on and it was throwing me off because I always want to know what someone is saying. I forgot a whole line from a song and stopped playing to patter with the audience. And then I was thrown off by myself being thrown off.
And I couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from. I tried being funny about it but couldn't direct it anywhere.
I did play a new song. And it was good.
When you go to a new restaurant and the food sucks and you spend at least 10 dollars more than you should have-that's like a bad show. "Man, I'm never going to eat fish there again. I can't believe I spent $80 on a piece of catfish. I can't believe I spent $40 on a gourmet hotdog that gave me the shits. Where did the money go? Now I have to buy Tums. I had one beer. I guess that was a $10 beer. I can't sleep because my stomach hurts. And when I finally sleep I have nightmares of a routines that won't stop."
Bad shows are like that but are more like children.
I had a cat once that I rescued from a locked garage. His brothers died and the mother was gone. His eyes were glued shut. But the vet did a blood transfusion and the kitty was fine. But he was a little crazy because he didn't have a mom to feed from.
Bad shows are like sick kittens. They just need a little love and a blood transfusion. And eye medicine.



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