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2004-10-26 - 10:16 a.m.

I recorded yesterday with Pete and Sammy. It turned out really well. We did a new version of Junior High and 3 other songs. I'm real proud of it.
I'll probably go back in later and add some banjo and more vocals.
I rewrote the lyrics to one of the songs yesterday morning. It's a good feeling when they turn out well. One of the songs I wanted to record I couldn't because I can't get the lyrics right. But this one just came out and worked out fine.
I had general tso chicken when I got home. I go to the place across the street. I think they started putting in MSG or they started putting more MSG in their food. I got a headache before I was done eating. I got bad fish from them last time I went. They're nice but, well, I should be eating better anyway. I got some fresh beets and collard greens last week and boiled them. It was really good.
If you see me today, I'll have the rough mix on me if you want to hear it.



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