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2004-10-20 - 10:37 a.m.

My friend emailed me and told me there is a dvd of Orgazmo with commentary from Weird Al, Kevin Smith, Bob & David, Dave Foley and David Zucker. That's gonna be awesome.
I love the commentary for Cannibal. Drinking and commenting are a good couple. Making fun of an ex-fiance' that made a trade-up in the short run is priceless. And going back to that ranting while drinking is even funnier.
If you haven't seen Cannibal the Musical, you should just go ahead and buy it.
I'm having a hard time using my time wisely. I've got this project to finish and I can't get it done. I do a lot of pacing and the tv comes on alot. It's good that HBO sucks during the day. My room's a mess and I've got no room to walk around so I put my keyboard in the living room.
I'm about to go get breakfast with my friend who just got out of rehab. I haven't seen him since April.
I need an office. And some charts. And some ledgers. I like having order but I have a hard time keeping it.
Another friend of mine is a Scientologist. He's got charts all over his walls about the progress of his band. I'm not that charty. I like charts, though. I like excel, too.
I got this book-I borrowed from my roommate- of an architect named Rizzoli. He made pictures of buildings that were portraits of people, mainly relatives, mainly his mother. "Symbolically sketched" is his term. They are beautiful buildings. You should see them.



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