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2004-10-19 - 11:56 a.m.

Last night I played a show at Chashama for my friend Red Bastard. He needs money to get a director to come down from Canada to direct his show. So he had me and some other folks do stuff:
Mike Albo
Adira Amram
Awful Knawful and Texas
Corn Mo
Chris Rozzi
Gilligan Stump
Planet Banana
Paintings by ZITO
I was going to play a new song but saw that I didnít know the crowd so I backed down and played some same-olds in my 2 song set. One was new to some of my colleagues so it was alright. I like seeing my pals perform. Chris Rozzi can do his mime act over and over and it still makes my stomach hurt. And this guy slayed me: Mike Albo. It was a good night.
Some lady asked to borrow my cell phone for a call before the show. I didnít know who she was but I assumed she worked at the theater. She kept dialing numbers and it was very awkward because I wanted to wrest it away from her but didnít want to be a dick. Iíd just paid $300 on my last bill. I canít afford this. It looked as if she finally got my phone to work and called this friend. There was so much awkward time going by. She finally handed me back my phone.
ďThe phone beeped twice while I was talking but I didnít know how to change over. It may have been my friend so if a sexy girl named Maria left a message it was for me. She was in The Bad Lieutenant and sheís from Brazil(?). Sheís very pretty.Ē
So this lady was trying to redeem herself by maybe setting me up with a movie star. I think this was her: the friend.
But I donít fall for this shit anymore. When I was a freshman in college, a girl knocked on my door to sell me some magazine subscriptions. Iíd never had a girl in my dorm room and being the overexcited nerd-dumbass I listened to her to tell me that if she got one more sale she could qualify for a trip to Bermuda and she hadnít decided who she was going to take with her, meaning I could be her date to Bermuda. She interrupted herself by telling me it was hot and if it was cool if she took off her sweater. Holy shit was I excited! But I didnít completely trust her so I gave her half a check and would pay the rest when I got my first issue of Spin.
Oh, and the other thing was my girlfriend was trying to get hold of me because she couldnít find the theater. Thatís who called. I don't need no movie star. And Brian from the Giants called.
They had a good cheese plate at the show.



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