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2004-10-19 - 11:45 a.m.

I saw two good shows today. I'm an ass for not taking advantage of my CMJ pass. I got hooked up with one and didn't use it wisely. For instance, I missed a Q and A with Trey Parker and Matt Stone that occurred after a screening of Team America. I'm an idiot. I love their work. I did see the movie, though. Sometimes it seems they piss on their own movies. And that's not necessarily bad. It's like their magic dust. And sometimes they pee too much magic.
"Hey Matt, I made the most beautiful model of St. Philips Cathedral!"
"Yeah, and I took a shit in it!"
"Thatís awesome, dude."
But it doesnít make it bad. I wish I could have seen them.
I did go see Jet Screamer. Theyíre from Denton. I hadnít seen them in at least 5 years. They put on a good show. Itís a 3 piece: drums and 2 guitars with a lot of slides. It was good seeing them.
I also saw a show called Puckíd. Itís a rock musical based on A Midsummer's Night Dream with some circus thrown in. It was really good. It was amazing to see 7 dancers in a such a small space. I think itís still showing at the Little Theater at the Y on 64th and 8th.
When I got my pass at the Javits center, I stopped to watch one of the many tvís in the center and saw John Stewart on Crossfire. He took them to the mat. It was awesome. I canít stand Tucker Carlson and when he started into Stewart, Stewart hit him hard back and Carlsonís comebacks were high school at best. Not good high school but the kind of high school thatís ďIíd love to see Sam Raimi get hold of Jar Jar Binks@!Ē high school. But not that even cool high school. I'm lost now.
John Stewart was shaking. His hands were shaking. He was being taken on by these two and was kicking their asses but he was shaking. It was awesome.
Hereís the transcript of the show: Crossfire.
And Begala's final word was "John Stewart isn't funny." Liar. You lousy-losey liar.



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