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2004-10-04 - 9:40 p.m.

That entry about the drunk old guy where I go on about the no-sit guy being a dick, I feel weird that I wrote about it. I hate complaining. I do it but I hate it. It gets you nowhere. It takes up too much energy that I could use elsewhere. It's fun complaining sometimes. But I try not to do it too much. It's like eating movie popcorn. It's good at first but then halfway through the bag there's a wall of dullness. Sort of like the law of diminishing returns I guess.
It's cool to complain about fantastical things, though. Like complaining about the damn unicorns that keep eating the flowers you worked so hard on cultivating since February. Or how the moonshine that your friend made from dragon's urine sucks.
You should rent Zardoz sometime.



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