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2004-10-04 - 9:16 p.m.

The last show with the Giants was awesome. I was real sad it was coming to an end. It was one of the greatest routines I'd ever been involved in. I didn't open. I played on Particle Man. Travis Morrison opened. He used to front The Dismemberment Plan. They were real good. I like keyboard bands. They had good songs.
I was hanging out in the dressing room and Mike Myers walks in. I automatically feel like I should leave because I'm gonna be in the way. I don't know why. But I stay. And he's asking, "Is it cool that I'm here?"
He was very shy. But funny.
At one point it was me, my girlfriend, and him. Alone. Awesome. He's a nice man. Very nice.
Keith, the tour manager, is from South London. Brian, the sound guy, told Myers that we were waiting for Keith to drop the fake accent at any time. Myers responded with, "When he comes back, ask him to say 'bowling ball'. It's so hard for the English to say and he'll require a nap afterwards. Bowling ball."
He told us about how weird Val Kilmer was. And Chris Walken.
He was born in Liverpool, England and moved to Canada. "There's noone more English than an Englishman outside of his country." He worked with SCTV but didn't get promoted to the top group so he moved to London. He did comedy over there. "They have very smart comedy over there and lots of venues." His dad got alzheimers, so he moved back to Canada to be with him. And then he moved to NYC and got on SNL and there you go.
It was like when Kevin Von Erich came over to my house. But it was Mike Myers. I was good at not freaking out but was able to let him know I liked his work. He later let me know he liked my Particle Man work.
I said goodbyes to the Johns, the Dans and the Marty. All good people. All those people are good people.



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