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2004-09-27 - 5:43 p.m.

I finally saw South of the Border today. I got a book called Roadside America a long time ago and wished to see as many of these offbeat tourist places as I could. I am truly a huge fan of the attractions that were the vision of one person. The Roadside America in Pennsylvania is one of those places, as is Tiny Town in Hot Springs, AR and the Orange Show in Houston. These are places of beauty. These are places that dreams were made to be shared.
South of the Border wasn't one of those places. The "mascot", if you will, is a caricature of a terrible mexican stereotype named Pedro. The whole place was depressing. The employees were bored amidst the hoohah of crap they sold. I did like the porcelain monkeys but not enough to buy one.
Here's more info on it:
roadside america

It's a monument to a sad time.
Gas was 13 cents more than anywhere else, too.



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