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2004-09-27 - 5:24 p.m.

The Music Farm in Charleston is very spacious. I took another nap at my merch table. Laura, TMBG's merch person, had the same idea. I read my MOJO and napped in between paragraphs.
There weren't a lot of people there when I went on but they were awesome. I think the hurricane's rain kept some folks out til later.
I was zombie again but held court pretty well and got through my set and went in and out of giving it my all. Like when Rodney Dangerfield was taking his final exam in Back to School except not as funny.(I gotta get some real sleep tonight.)
It's a great feeling when a stranger buys you a beer after a show.
I've been playing Particle Man every show this leg of the tour so far and this night was my personal best with Linnel. I think you can download shows on the TMBG website.
Here are my personal best Particle
There's a painting of a rockabilly bull at the Music Farm that makes me laugh. If you took Sir Walter Scott and dressed him like Chris Isaak and made him a cow and painted a portrait of him then you would make me laugh, too. And when I say cow I mean a cow with a dick.



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