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2004-09-27 - 9:52 p.m.

I just finished my set here in Raleigh. It was awesome. The crowd was really cool. I love coming to this town. This is my 4th time playing here. Every time I come here I have a good time. North Carolina in general is a great scene. People will drive from the other towns to come see you play. And it's real pretty here. It's the first state I ever toured in outside of Texas.
And tonight's Particle Man was excellent. Linnell smiled at me during the set. I got a little giddy. I'm good at keeping a poker face. Those guys are awesome and sometimes it's hard to not look too excited in a way that looks fanatical. But I'm good at it now. When David Cross met me for a beer for the first time I freaked out and couldn't keep it together but after while I was able to compose myself and act normal. When Megan Mullally asked to cover one of my songs I was the fucking coolest about it. Inside I was all "holy shit I can't believe this is fucking happening" but outside I kept cool. Even when I was in the Polyphonic Spree I'd be a little starstruck with Tim because I'd seen him make magic for years. I'm good at making an ass of myself in front of people that starstrike me. When I met John Cameron Mitchell all I could say was stupid shit because I was so flustered.
It's okay to be stupid.
And Raleigh is nothing short of awesome.



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