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2004-09-24 - 11:20 p.m.

I just finished my set and am waiting to do Particle Man with the Giants. I'm real tired. I took a nap before the show and it made me more tired. I gotta drive 8-9 hours tommorrow to Atlanta. I'm excited about that. I am.
The Giants are playing The Alphabet of Nations.
My show was weird tonight. I felt more comedy guy tonight. I don't know why. It was fun, though.
They're playing Dr. Worm now. I go on next.
Those guys are really, really nice. Flans made me drink with him on stage last night. Awesome.
They make their own root beer here in Charlottesville. It's good.
I like college towns. They make their own beer at this club, too. I'm gonna have some in a second.

Awesome. just finished Particle Man. It keeps getting better. It's a joy to watch Linnell sing "Corn Mo" to the Dallas tv theme. It's an awesome joy.
We started exchanging riffs and now we just make up new stuff together on the spot. My vocabulary is limited right now in giving you adjectives on how bad ass it is to do that song with them.
shit i'm bleeding.



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