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2004-09-24 - 11:39 p.m.

Towson was cool because there were kids from a town I grew up in called Bowie. I wanted to go and see my old house but didn't have time. When I was younger I didn't know about traffic. It always seemed forever to go from Bowie to Annapolis or Bowie to DC when I was younger. Now I know why. Traffic sucks. Baltimore is cool though.
A long time ago, I met a guy in Dallas who was from Scotland who had moved to Baltimore and I asked him why (Scotland is beautiful). He said that Baltimore was culturally isolated and that was a good reason. I don't know what he meant because I haven't spent that much time there. But, it is cool. They have The American Dime Museum and Atomic Books and best of all, they used to have Haussner's Restaurant. My folks took me there when I was younger and I couldn't remember my meal but I remembered everything else. It was a German/Seafood restaurant and the waitresses dressed somewhere between the old Denny's look and nurses. And there was a shitload of art. Everywhere. Romantic paintings, busts, statues. Everywhere. And downstairs there was even more. And when I started Corn Mo, the idea was to recreate the feeling I got when I went to that magical restaurant.
The burger that I got at The Recher Theater in Towson was good. They make you dinner when you play. They gave us dinner at the Starr in Charlottesville. I got a sweet potato sandwich. Brian, the sound guy, got that, too. He copied me.



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