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2004-09-19 - 5:05 a.m.

Tonight was bad out. I played at the Avalon in Boston. I mean, Avalon. I was just corrected. Not the Avalon. Just Avalon. And when I say, "bad out", I mean wicked bad out.

Walker, Texas Ranger once called Trees in Dallas, "The Trees Club". When you want to act square, it's easy. You just do it.

I was on tonight. It felt really good. The crowd was on, too. Definite magic. I walked away feeling real good. I love shows like this. Thanks, Boston patrons. You made my night.

Particle Man with the Johns was the best for me it's ever been. When we were in London, Linnell started playing with me instead of trading off licks as usual. So, tonight I wanted to do that again and it was beautiful. He started playing a c-minor oompah and I played a little melody over the top. Then it got faster and the crowd started clapping to the beat, growing faster also.

After the show at the merch table, I signed some stuff including a buddy's t-shirt. I tried to think of something funny while I was writing. I began to draw something in the index finger of the hand on the shirt but realized as I was drawing it wasn't making sense. So, I apologized. Then, I signed some girl's shoulder. I should have written "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" but I was in a groove and just wrote something else.

I'm tuckered out. Nighty night.



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