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2004-09-16 - 6:02 p.m.

Will made me a really good breakfast: Guinea Fowl eggs from his mom's, bacon, and mushrooms. Really good. You know what else is good in England? Fried Bread. And their tomatoes are tastaayyy.

We get on the train to go back to Heathrow and make our way to the Sheraton by bus.

Dollar doesn't have my reservation or a car available. We could wait for one. So, we waited.

I hate when someone is an asshole and coats it with kindness to such a degree you can't see the dickish manner coming through.

Will had to go to work so we left the Dollar and got a cab to National. They had plenty of cars.

I got a Skolda and everything was awesome. Will was going to drive but the insurance was too much.

So, English driving with a stick shift was to be my new adventure.

Driving in England is fun.

I called Cheaptickets to explain what had happened and they sided with Dollar. I was out $81. They wouldn't give it back. Don't rent a car on Cheaptickets. It's bullshit. And I started yelling on the phone. I hate yelling at strangers. It's stupid but I felt like raising my voice. I felt angry and sad. Money and playing sports with rules are the work of the devil.

I drove to Will and Emily's and relaxed and realized that I was on tour with The Giants in the UK. I'm very lucky.



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