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2004-08-01 - 11:48 p.m.

I had the day off today. No shows. No driving.

I watched some Damon Packard movies today. He's a trust fund guy who made some movies.

I'm listening to ELO's Time right now. It's real pretty. The first two tracks are beautiful.

I hung out with my friends tonight. Jason called and wanted to hang out so we met up at Redd's. He's gold. If you've seen the corn modvd he's in Big Boote'. And other friends were there, also. And my roommate Shane came with his girl, Kim.

My friends are awesome. They came to the Prospect Park show and supported me by being there. That's awesome.

I have beautiful friends.

I love my friends. I love my mom. I love my girlfriend. I love my nieces. I have it good today.

I had a good tour. I got to be with heroes. I had time to spend with friends today. I talked to my mom. i relaxed. I listened to Pearl Jam on the jukebox. It's a good day.



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