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2004-07-28 - 10:21 a.m.

We played another living room show last night in Dubois, PA. It was at Steve's house. Steve's real cool. Real cool. He invited all his friends, got snacks and beer, and treated us very well.

"I like your town."

"Yeah, but you don't live here."

I liked the town.

The dressing room assigned wasn't like the 4 year old's room. It was Steve's room and he had a Danger Danger poster on the wall. He was impressed that I knew who they were. It was a lovely home. I could live in that town.

I opened and went downstairs to set up. My backdrop was a wall of signed pictures of different characters from the show, "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." Two were Spike, two were Julie Benz (she's real pretty), two were the guy with the green face, and more of people I didn't recognize. And there was Adam's picture. I need to watch that show more.

I did a short set because we got there late. The folks were really nice. Really nice. I sold some cd's from a 3 song set. That hasn't happened in a long time. These guys were really into helping us.

Common Rotation's set went really well. I joined them on their last two songs.

We drove to Scranton and crashed and saw the Spree on Craig Kilborn. The sound was terrible. Network tv should have good sound.

Jory's playing Star Wars on his new gameboy.

I'm real nervous about Friday's show.



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