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2004-06-14 - 9:17 a.m.

.357 Lover played Friday night with Mr. Brownstone. It was a real good time. Shane Lover filled in for Davey Lover and made good and his lady gave a precious nod. I love playing with Ron. He's just real good people. My friend Quinn came and I think it's becoming a thing to do a shot with him after the show. He's a real good guy. The crowd was real good, too. I like playing with the band. I'm freed up from bearing the weight of entertaining by myself. I can let go a bit.

I love this band. I love the clutch of my own fist. I broke the F key on my keyboard on the first song. I love watching Sammy explode. Lover rules.

I worked out this morning. It's hard losing your gut. I know people have done it. I have a real soft spot for free food. If there's a sandwich or a donut in the office kitchen that's up for grabs sometimes I'll grab it. When we were eating Bowie's catering, I ate alot. Like when an orphan on tv is fed a meal and the loved kids look upon him as an animal cause he won't stop eating the turkey leg even to breathe.

I found out my niece, Maddie, will pass out from crying. She cries all of her exhale and stops and doesn't inhale. And then she passes out. She'll have a nice ice breaker when she gets older.

I got 2 projects to finish this week. I need to get my own studio. Someday. I got Reason for my computer but my midi cable isn't producing any sound. I'm lucky to have friends.

We cooked out on the roof Saturday. I was full of beer and chicken and sunburn and then went to play a show at PS122. I got there early and passed out on some chairs. I took a 10 minute nap and then the other peformers started arriving. If you haven't seen Nachi, then you should. He dresses like Steve Martin from the King Tut video, though I'm sure that's not his direction. And Touching You is always a good show. Always. I got to see Jason Trachtenburg by himself. That was real good. And Nick Jones is always a treat. You gotta see his pirate-puppet show at Bowery Poetry sometime. It's real good. I like playing variety shows. New York solo performers are gold. Most of them are cool and they do really good work. Even if the act is not great, it's original and it's going to be great, soon.



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