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2004-06-08 - 9:21 a.m.

The last time I ate a casino was when Una was performing in Atlantic City. Me and Wilder (The Eel) rode a bus to the Showboat and got the all-you-can-eat buffet. It was much better than a Golden Corral but not as good as a Bowie buffet. The best thing about it was the shrimp. When you go get buffet, don't load up on spaghetti and pizza and especially bread. You go get the shrimp and any other seafood they have. And the prime rib. And put the horseradish on it. You don't have time or stomach space for cheap filler.

That said when the Spree got to the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City, Chris gave us cafeteria passes.

"You can go in anytime you want."

If anyone has seen my belly, you know that I have a eating problem. I exercise now but I have a sweet tooth and a beer tongue.

I was really excited about getting jumbo shrimp and wouldn't shutup to Kittenpants about how I was gonna get lots of jumbo shrimp. Kid Rock loves jumbo shrimp. And so does Corn Mo.

I got in line for the buffet but was told my pass was for the employee cafeteria.

No shrimp for employees.



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