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2004-06-06 - 3:12 a.m.

The Holmdel show was with the Spree and Bowie. I went balls out since it was our last show on the tour. We did the encore with Bowie and we went up to him and hugged him on stage. Awesome.

We also autographed a robe for him. I said,"Thanks for the lesson in rock n roll. It's inspiring to see that your voice is stronger than it was. You rocked me. Love, Corn Mo." Evan told me to add "ever" as in "ever was". I can say things and the words come out different than I mean. I do it all the time. It's like I learned bad syntax etiquette. I'm not good at constructing sentences sometimes. If I've ever offended anyone by what I've said, I'm sorry. I may have just been stupid in the way I can't communicate.

Anyhoo, when we presented the robe to him Tim says, "David, we got you a present. We got you Corn Mo." And he smiled confused until I walked up and gave him a hug. And he hugged me back. Me and Bowie hugged! And then he went on to talk to us about doing more projects together. Awesome.

Speaking of awesome, it was real nice of Tim to point me out like that. He's a very generous fellow. I love that guy. I've looked up to him since he started packing out Rick's Place in Denton with Tripping Daisy. I'm proud to know him.



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