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2004-06-06 - 3:01 a.m.

I did two shows today. One at Asbury Park and one in Holmdel. I played at the Great Bamboozle Festival at The Stone Pony. My stage was outside and it was raining. When the rain subsided I played in the wet wind which was actually nice because that's my favorite weather: drizzle cold with wind. For real. Well, I also like 70 degree sunny days, too. I got to see my friend, Kaki King, play. She's really good. She plays guitar all over the place. Go to She looks like the doppelganger of my other friend, Kris Bernard. I would love to sit between them someday cause they're both real pretty.

John from Stone Pony said he'd have me back. I really want to bring the Lover there and play on the stage that Bruce Springsteen graced.

Kittenpants and Louis Spree came with me. That was nice of them.

I like playing by the sea.



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