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2004-04-18 - 9:51 a.m.

My room at HOB was being used by an employee who had to watch a video on bouncing, how to deal with moshing, what hold to use, etc. I told him we could practice.

I got 24 pieces of Pabst put in my fridge and then my fridge was padlocked.

The Johns showed up and I did what any TMBG fan would do. I sat and listened to them talk shop. I was in the middle of the room so my head went from right to left.

Those guys are gold. They won't let me put them on a pedestal. They won't let me feel uncomfortable. They are genuine.

My set went well. The crowd was very nice. I met Wil Wheaton from "Stand By Me". He's real nice. I met a lot of real nice folk.

I rode back to the hotel with the Giants and hung out a little with them and Flansburg's wife, Robin. She's real cool.

My last minute request for a place to sleep, greg, showed up. He's real good people.



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