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2004-04-02 - 4:09 p.m.

SXSW was very good. My folks came to the show and I was nervous about them seeing me again since the last show they saw sucked. I thought it sucked. My mom doesnít like me using the potty mouth. Itís hard not to when I get excited. My friends came up to my mom and dad and gave them good report about their son. It was like a parent/teacher conference. During the show, I kept telling everyone to talk me up to my folks and they did. Around 1/4 or 1/3 of the audience went up and said something nice. It was beautiful. David Cross talked me up to them for some time as did many other friends and new friends. I couldnít have had a more perfect night. I didnít stay and watch other bands cause I had to put my folks to bed. My dad got me some dinner to go from the Applebees by the hotel. It was like I played a really good soccer game. I really want my parents to like what I do and they did. People are real good.



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