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2004-04-02 - 4:07 p.m.

Smoked clams

White chocolate cake

Rack of lamb

Cheese wrapped in sundried tomatoes

Canadian bacon

Butternut squash soup


If you’ve seen me you know I eat well. And this tour lets us eat very well.

Tonight bowie teased us with “Space Oddity” on his something phone. One bar of it.

And then he played “Starman” for the encore. Oh and he played “Slipping Away.”

I know it’s retarded to call yourself a wingman but that’s what I did after the show for Mark. Me and Ryan went with him and some nice, pretty girl named Dominica. She looked like Pat Benatar. Mark likes the lady. She’s a lady. Pretty lady. She’s Polish. Slavic ladies are hot. People will hang out with you after a Bowie show. Man, I ate good. And Bowie’s wonderful bass player had 2 plates. I don’t know where she puts it. She’s real thin but healthy looking. She hits Freddie Mercury’s notes perfectly on “Under Pressure”.



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