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2004-03-12 - 2:33 p.m.

I got a ride for tour today. I'm real grateful friends offered to drive. My friend, Jake, called and said that the Giants are gonna let me ride on their van. THE GIANTS ARE GOING TO LET ME RIDE WITH THEM! Fuckin' Awesome!

I talked with my friend, Ted, who's in town and told him the news to which he replied, "You're getting good at this . . . getting rides." "yeah"

"You should get on Bowie's bus when you're on tour with him and say, I can't let my fans down. They're counting on me to ride with you. It's my thing."

It is my thing now. I am good at getting rides cause so many folks are nice.

When the newspaper reports my death and says, "He was repeatedly stabbed by a motorist who picked him up," you can say,

"Well, I guess he wasn't that good."



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