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2004-02-14 - 7:07 p.m.

I played a spelling bee last night. It was a benefit for this guy who had a confetti cannon blow up in his face. He didn't have health insurance so the benefit helped his medical costs. He belongs to a art group called The Madagascar Institute. I saw them at the Glastonbury Festival last summer where they had built a tower with fire cannons on each side. They'd built it with parts they'd found in the area. Well done. One member, Pirate Brian, builds some cool shit. He was working on a mechanical juggler.

There were about 12 contestants with 4 rounds. I played a song after the first and second rounds. And Pirate Brian did a puppet show.

The third round had words from the legal dictionary. This was the hardest I thought.

i before e gets a lot of people.

Chris Brodeur came to the show. His girlfriend, Jessica, won. He's running for mayor of ny in 2005. I was real tired and took some mini naps in my chair.

I hope that guy gets some money for his doctor bills.



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