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2004-02-02 - 9:18 p.m.

I just read where someone told an entertainer to grow up and get a real job. Well, hopefully, that entertainer did not read such horsey ho about himself. And to that person who wrote such dilley doh, "Fuck off." I used to be with a lady who looked at an older rocker and said, "Why does he not just give up?"

"Because he wants to rock. And if he listened to such ballyhoo from you he would be miserable, doing his real job, waiting for death to come give him another chance."

Anytime someone puts honest effort into doing something different, please wait 10 fucking seconds before deciding to shoot down the dreammaker.

Some folks have a hard enough time trying to please their parents while doing their art. They don't need clever assholes to put gold bricks in their bindlestiffs.

"I think I'm gonna make a dirt-flavored jelly bean."

"You dumdum. Why wouldn't you make normal flavors like a double cherry? Who's gonna eat dirt flavor?"

"Corn Mo."



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