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2004-01-30 - 11:13 a.m.

My band, .357 Lover, played last night. It was awesome. My friends came out, we used the smoke machine, we had technical problems. It fucking rocked.

They have a backline at Parkside but the equipment's tempermental. But it didn't matter that Sammy's amp went out. He was still glorious.

I started with Lollipop by myself and the Kevin came in on drums and then the smoke came in with the band and then the magic happened.

I'm not used to not having an accordion in my hands. It freed me up like an '89 Berliner on the autobahn. I kept stroking the mike stand and that became my crutch for the evening.

Damn it rocked.

Wallin plays bass real good.

I like those Parkside people. They treat you real nice. The room we played in is like a pizza place you would go to after a soccer game. When the band was back in Texas we played the basement at Mr. Gatti's in Denton. That rocked, too. That show is a beautiful dream now.

Kevin sang some backups and the songs sounded so full.

I can't wait to play another show. Peter, who works at Parkside, bought me a shot after the show. That's like a Christmas bonus and your heart is warmed.

We're gonna do it again.



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