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2003-11-10 - 10:20 p.m.

Last night was magical.

We did a radio show on CD101 and set up in a big room and played Sun, March, Light and Day, and Soldier Girl.

I hung out with Tim's kid, Stella.

I usually don't think I like hanging out with cats or kids until I actually hang out with them. She's a good kid. So's my niece, Maddie. She's real fun. She looks just like my brother and she makes up games that are just for me and her Uncle Jon.

The good thing about the Spree is there's so many folks to take over playing with the kids when you're done playing and they're not.

Anyway, the Columbus show was beautiful.

There were kids at the show from the Detroit and Chicago shows. There was a girl there that saw the Bindlestiff show I did 2 years ago in Columbus.

There's times like last night when you feel the turnout to be low and the show to met with a small response and when those feelings are proved wrong it's awesome. I got a real nice welcome reception last night.

I love playing. And I love when the audience loves what I do. I didn't know if I'd be able to sing 2 shows but those Spree songs are so good. I was still jumping at the end of the set. Ricky Rasura played a new harp solo that was amazing. It was such a beautiful piece.

I'm glad that I was a part of a show that made people feel good. I'm very lucky.

At one point during the show I looked behind me and saw Stella sleeping behind the drums on my coat with another coat as a blanket. If that's not rock n' roll then at least it was real sweet.



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