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2003-11-06 - 5:34 p.m.

It was good seeing buddies again. I met the sprees in the hotel room and we spiritually frolicked for the duration of the Tim McGraw story on the tv. And then we passed the goblet and then we spritually trashed the room by throwing somewhat off-color remarks at random parts of the room.

"Oh DEar!" was said in a very harsh tone towards a lovely piece of carpet and the aura of that carpet turned from brown to off-brown. Rock n Roll Spree Style!

We got to the studio and what a spread! Pretzels, sandwiches, cookies, yoo hoo, cokes!

Later we got beer, jagermeister, wine and ice!

Larry Fishburne walked by and he's huge. That guy is bad ass. From Cowboy Curtis to Morpheus he does acting real good.

We watched Conan rehearse from our green room. He plays guitar when he's not involved and when he is involved he's straight on with the funny/not so funny bits and carves that shit like a old timey shit carver. See that? I made that shit up.

We did 3 rehearsals and I'm on the choir riser at the top and don't want to fall so I grab the prescinium so I don't fall. Once the show started though, is when they told me not to hold on. Shit, man, I gotta jump! So, I grabbed John Vinyard for a while and then just let myself go and if I fell there was some good material to put in the Museum of Television and Film. And then, I saw funny guy, Andy Blitz, backstage. He's real funny. His standup is real good and so is his Conan work. He writes for the show and you'll see him at times doing the funny on the show. He's a good guy.

That show was over quick.

I saw my bunk last night, too. I can grab Logan's hand when I sleep and when I get scared, I can climb in bed with Chris and Jennifer and they can pop in a video for me.

You can't poop on the bus or they fine the band. Unless you fish out your poo. Might as well shit in your bunk and curb yourself.

Circus people poop in ziplocs or tupperware containers. Not me. No way.

Lot's of people eat soup on the bus. Chris Penn and Michael Turner love soup. I'll watch their bathroom schedules.

Conan is a real good tv show.



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