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2003-11-04 - 5:13 p.m.

Me and Johnson drove from Tanny's house to Mayjohn's Cemetary. We took crayons and loose leaf and searched for graves that might be werecat beds. When you find a werecat bed you throw horseroot on it (it confuses it's scent and the cat gets mad) You find the beds by looking for stones with scratches and urine on the sides. Then, you lay the paper over the engraved name and rub with your crayon. Your paper will have the name on it!

Then, we went to the woods where I laid the trot-line trap. I strew the papers on the ground and waited to trick the cat with my loose leaf papers.

"This is dumb," said Johnson.

"Just you wait," I said. "These cats are hungry for blood and for bed. And if I were a cat, I'd go for bed first."

We waited and waited and came up with failbones.

"We got nothin, man! Nothin'"

"Yep," I said. "Failbones is what we got."

"Them werecats oughta eat tuna right? I got a can I was savin' for the pool later."

"Yeah, use that."

And we opened that sumbitch and swung it like incense offering and sure enough nothing happened. So, we waited and Johnson started eating tuna.

"Johnson, that's-"

And then a werecat came up all violent-eyes ready to make bloodlines on my face. It licked the tuna can while watching us and that was kind of hot.

Then, she came towards us and we threw our crayons at her and she ate them! She ate them!


So, we ran and her claws caught on on the loose leaf and she slid into a ditch that we had dug and laid upright knives in and she impaled herself on 3 of them.

The Werecat look wore off and she turned into Tanny.

"Shit, man."

And then Johnson gave Tanny some mouth beer and she came back to life.

Shitty story.



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