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2003-10-29 - 11:10 a.m.

I drove into town last night and put on my new halloween mask that's a wolf and turned up Dawn Patrol and cruised up and down Main St.

Twice, I made sudden stops to yell out the window at some girls and said, "AAAAOOOOOOOOO!" The first group giggled but the second group said, "Fuck you!"

I did that about 5 times and then got bored and went to Cee Bee. There's some new bakery in there and though the cakes looked good I just said, "fuck it, I can't eat a whole cake right now" and got some corn nuts and a slim jim and some Dr. Enuf.

That shithead, Johnson, put vaseline on my door handle and I saw him run up the frieght entrance.

"You suck, Johnson."

He waved as if he did me a favor and I wiped my hands on my pants and drove home.

On my way home, I turned off the tapedeck and thought what I could do to Johnson tommorrow. I thought so hard I almost wrecked!

So, I pulled over and yanked the blanket from behind my seat and made a bed in the millet field. I just needed to be alone. I fell asleep and got woken up by an earwig. "fuck this, I'm goin' home." I went home and played Splinter Cell.

I get bored easy.



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