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2003-10-28 - 9:48 a.m.

I saw Sebastian Bach, Twisted Sister, and Alice Cooper last night.

The sound was terrible. During Bach's "I Remember You" the acoustic wasn't turned up at all. Fuckin' hell, you'd think big venue shows had shit together. His sound sucked. Dee Snider had to talk to the sound people during his show. Jeez, these guys have paid their dues. Fuckin' run their sound right. I like Sebastian Bach's voice and his stage presence but I didn't enjoy his show.

I like when the new players have character. Man, I think I had a stick up my ass but shit, when Ozzy left Black Sabbath he was good about showcasing his talent: Randy Rhodes, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, Bob Daisley, Carmine Appice.

Shit, I don't know rock from an apple.

I was just disappointed. I didn't get inspired. I wanted to go home and be inspired to make up new songs. I mean, Dee Snider is one of my new favorite front men, but I didn't go home with magic.

Snider did rule that stage though. And Jay Jay French (who I remember wrote a cool article in Hit Parader about dealing with people who say you suck) ruled the stage, also.

I didn't connect I guess. I really wanted to. Alice Cooper took charge of his stage, too, but I went home with little.

I don't know. Maybe it's me. It's gotta be.



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