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2003-10-24 - 5:09 p.m.

I got lucky today. Real lucky.

I got a call from Chris Penn, Polyphonic's manager. He asked if I'd found a ride for tour yet.

"No, I'm still lookin'."

I've tried not to get too stressed about finding a ride for tour because if worse came to worse I'd rent a car somehow.

"If you wanna suit up in the choir, you can ride on the bus."


I got me a ride! And I'm singing in the Spree! I get to hang out with Butcher! And Toby and everyone!

You have no idea how large my fist looms in the air right now.

As a side note, my buddy, Jake, scored some free tickets to Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister for Monday.

I could sit for a long time and just think happy thoughts but I gotta rock 3 shows tonite.



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