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2003-10-24 - 9:43 a.m.

I've been trying to play Automatic Vaudeville for a long time. There's always been something that's cock-blocked my playlist. One time the alarm in the theater went off and wouldn't stop so the show was cancelled. So, when I finally got to play I was very relieved in the same manner you get relief after putting things in piles.

I took my friend, Jason, who just moved here (after much prompting) a few days before via Greyhound. I bought him a beer and did my sound check.

"You guys should go to the green room."

What? A green room? If there's one thing I enjoy it's treating Jason to the green room: free beer, pretzels, pizza, a bowl divided between peanut and regular m&m's. I didn't have any because I sometimes vomit during shows if I do partake.

The great Fred Armisen was there. As was this guy, Finesse, who is a new member of SNL. And there was this Russian guy named Alex who did a ninja act who said his lawyer said he had one more week here. And the great Hilly and Gavin Souchet and the great Jack.

This guy Frank Fingers played a shitload of Billy Joel on the piano. What times!

Man, I could watch Fred's Tito character over and over again. It kills me. He did his Niles Covington who is a mix of Nile Rogers and Bobby McFerrin. Fuckin' funny.

Hilly and Gavin did a song that introduced me as a guest and interviewed me. So nice to me. Damn, so nice.

I played real good that night. I had so much fucking confidence and calm that I ripped myself a pleasant new asshole. Very pleasant. I really wanna relive that night. For real.

Me and Jason finished off some pizza and beer and headed out when this guy who was composing a musical stopped me. He asked me to be in his musical he was working on. I liked watching him talk and move about because he reminded me of the composer from "Phantom of the Paradise". He reached into his napsack and had hand-written sheetmusic and other shit and I thought, "I'm glad I don't have to notate."

I like rocking people. I walk proud. Real fuckin' proud.



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