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2003-09-27 - 1:25 p.m.

The great Starlight Mints scrambled to salvage the show in Birmingham. The Nick let us play at their Venue. I really like that club. The patrons are friendly and the beers were free. I got to see some old friends like Darren Thornberry who used to play with my ex-girlfriend's brother, Josh, in Blue Demonstration in Dallas. Josh plays in Lift To Experience now. It's cool when there's that one guy who keeps your beer cup full and Darren was that guy.

My friend, Dru, came, also. I asked her to the Trigg County Basketball Homecoming dance back in 10th grade and she turned me down. Years later, I went to my first Cunningham family reunion and saw her dad there. Shit, I wish she had said yes if for nothing else but to have a true Kentucky relationship. From then on I introduced her as my cousin. She's real cool and let us stay at her place that night.

When the Cunninghams came to Cadiz, KY back in 1802 they had a mess of kids. My kin came from the first son and hers came from the eighth. Mine went on to make syrupy moonshine and bootlegged it to Nashville. I'm sure some of mine interwined with some of hers in ways that some circus families intertwine.

I had a real good time at that bar. You should go sometime.



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